With the impending release of the Galaxy S4, consumers want to know how to navigate the trade-in market and when to sell their device to get the highest price possible. Based on predictive data tested against years of device re-selling and trade-in programs, we’ve created the following infographic sharing the best strategies for maximizing device resale value, and why YOU need to lock in your trade now – before the device releases and everyone else gets the same idea.

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Trade in value trends focusing on the up coming Samsung Galaxy s4 launch

It takes experience, efficiency, professional certifications, customer service, security, and more to manage a well run and effective trade-in and recycling program, which is why so many large retailers partner with CExchange. We are proud to serve Walmart, RadioShack, U.S. Cellular, eBay, Microsoft Stores, FYE, Wirefly, BrandsMart, and many others. When the Powered by CExchange logo goes on a site you can be assured that the process is simple, the values are fair, the environment is safe, and so is your data. Our retailers are zealots about doing the right thing relative to customers and the environment and they chose us because of our capabilities. Powered by CExchange, you can count on it.

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The concept of safety and security for data and the environment is a topic we have addressed a few times here in the blog, and many other times when talking to our customers and potential customers. It is so important to us in fact that we decided to brand our process to make it easier for consumers to identify a safe trade-in program, as well as to better communicate the concept of eSafe and eSecure to our employees.

What does eSafe and eSecure mean? It means that we are adamant about the safety of customer data and the environment and we will go to extraordinary lengths to protect both. It starts with asking customers to clear their data before they trade a device, then working with trusted retail partners who are aligned with our commitment. The retail partners who physically hold product keep them in a safe location until they are shipped to CExchange. Once received for evaluation, the CExchange team documents arrival through an HD camera recording of the box being opened prior to moving into a data clear station. Immediately following any data removal we perform a 100% audit process for each transaction. Should a product have an electronic fault that does not allow for data clear or verification, we securely store the product until it can be responsibly recycled through an eSteward recycling partner. While we always try to recover for reuse every possible product, there are many that simply have no useful life left, and in that case we must recycle them. CExchange is an R2 certified company and we adhere to extremely strict standards as it pertains to handling e-waste and will never allow products that we recycle to end up in a landfill. For a video overview of the eSafe and eSecure concept, please watch our video at:

These days, Santa’s elves have their work cut out for them as this season’s wish lists are dominated with requests for iPads, iPods, iPhones and other smartphones, eBooks and other gadgetry. As the holidays undergo a technology take-over, there are ways parents can give kids what they really want without breaking the bank.

Holiday shoppers are often faced with the “upgrade fever” dilemma when it comes to gifting hot holiday electronics. Fortunately, savvy consumers can navigate the best deals and utilize a few key strategies to help not only save money, but earn money too.

Gift Thrift Ideas

Here are some quick and easy tips to help consumers save money on consumer electronics this holiday season:
• Plan early and place pricey items on layaway. Paying a little at a time make it feel like less of a burden.
• Keep up with holiday promotions and take advantage of deals on must-have items.
• Trade-in current electronic devices for cash to help purchase the latest models.

Trade-in programs offer top dollar on used devices such as iPhones and smartphones, iPads and other tablets, laptops, iPods/MP3s, GPS systems, cameras and more. CExchange partners with major retailers like eBay Instant Sale, RadioShack, and US Cellular to help consumers trade current devices and upgrade to the gadgets topping every holiday list.

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By shopping smart, consumers can say goodbye to their used electronics and make way for new devices that will shine long into the New Year. Learn more and find the right retail partner at http://www.cexchange.com.

How many times have you heard someone say, “I can’t stand (insert carrier name here!)? Their service is horrible and they won’t do anything about my dropped calls, bad phone, wrong bill, etc.” Carriers need to take heed and step up their customer service game. Trade-In is a customer’s hammer and they are starting to use it. As a carrier, you subsidized an expensive phone down to an accessible cost for that customer, and they are about to use that subsidy against you if you don’t find a way to take care of them.

Take a current example:

A customer purchased an iPhone 4S 64GB phone from a carrier and paid $399.00 for it. They have been on the network for a year, are not happy, and have threatened to leave. The carrier tells the customer they can leave, but they are responsible for the early termination fee which has a balance of $175.00. On our partner sites the Trade-In value of that phone is up to $305 dollars today, October 5 2012, which allows the customer to buy the new iPhone 5 device for $399, pay the early termination fee of $175, and have a net cost after trade of about $269 before taxes. For many consumers that discounted price for the latest iPhone technology is well worth it.

Let’s face it, most companies don’t want a customer to leave for any reason and they should do everything in their power to nail customer service. However, with Trade-In as an option, if they don’t nail it, consumers have a hammer that can’t be ignored.

When it comes to buying new electronics, Americans seem to have an insatiable appetite. Acquiring the latest and greatest has become both a necessity and an important status symbol for many. Until recently, those new devices were purchased at full price, and the old device went into a drawer or closet or was handed down to a family member or friend. That practice has changed dramatically as companies like CExchange and others have provided a new Circle of Life for used electronics that is doing good for many.

We are working hard to provide an easy path for consumers to sell or recycle used electronics. With retail partners across the country, and having trades arrive from over 18,000 retail locations, we are doing our part to create a business that also does good along the way. Consider this; there are millions of Americans that purchase the latest devices as soon as they hit the market, while millions more are super excited to get their hands on last years model iPhone or Android device. There are others who have a four year old phone that has no market value, but it contains precious materials like gold and silver along with glass and plastics that can be reused. Our easily accessible service puts money in the hands of the customer who trades up to the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy SIII to enable their purchase, then puts their used iPhone 4S or Galaxy SII in the hands of another person who got it for a much lower cost than a new device, and finally the device with scrap value gets recycled responsibly with almost all of the material reclaimed and reused in a new device down the road! That friends is the description of a New Circle of Life that is doing good for many constituents, not the least of which is our fragile environment.