When it comes to buying new electronics, Americans seem to have an insatiable appetite. Acquiring the latest and greatest has become both a necessity and an important status symbol for many. Until recently, those new devices were purchased at full price, and the old device went into a drawer or closet or was handed down to a family member or friend. That practice has changed dramatically as companies like CExchange and others have provided a new Circle of Life for used electronics that is doing good for many.

We are working hard to provide an easy path for consumers to sell or recycle used electronics. With retail partners across the country, and having trades arrive from over 18,000 retail locations, we are doing our part to create a business that also does good along the way. Consider this; there are millions of Americans that purchase the latest devices as soon as they hit the market, while millions more are super excited to get their hands on last years model iPhone or Android device. There are others who have a four year old phone that has no market value, but it contains precious materials like gold and silver along with glass and plastics that can be reused. Our easily accessible service puts money in the hands of the customer who trades up to the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy SIII to enable their purchase, then puts their used iPhone 4S or Galaxy SII in the hands of another person who got it for a much lower cost than a new device, and finally the device with scrap value gets recycled responsibly with almost all of the material reclaimed and reused in a new device down the road! That friends is the description of a New Circle of Life that is doing good for many constituents, not the least of which is our fragile environment.

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